We are a general trading company with contracts with many factories from around the world. Our main business is paper. Various types of paper with various specifications. Packaging paper, printing and copying paper, kraft paper and newspaper paper. All types of paper that you can need are available. We just need accurate specifications and the price is up to any A port in the world Our main slogan is trust, guarantee and speed in work. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with the best competitive price in their country and the fastest and cheapest shipping.

Our company has a variety of branches. With Noor sanad elghali you can find different types of goods. Just select the section you want and leave the prices and shipping to us. The best price, the cheapest, the fastest shipping, and certainly the best quality and quality.

With Noor sanad elghali you will find the best price due to obtaining contracts and authorization from various factories. Dear customer, we guarantee that you are dealing with the first source at the best price and shipping.

Do not hesitate to order and leave all the procedures to us, and everything you are looking for is provided by Nour sanad elghali

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